Felipe Beltrame, 26, is a Brazilian photojournalist, focused on telling stories about Human Rights. Collaborating with NGOs, the traditional press or on his social digital media, his photographs represent important moments in contemporary Brazil.


The rupture of the Vale SA dam in Brumadinho, the 12th Ordinary Assembly of the Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon, the 15th Acampamento Terra Livre (Free Land Camp) in Brasília and the situation of vulnerable Venezuelan immigrants in the state of Roraima are some of the recent events that the photographer documented and others were published in expressive media such as National Geographic Brasil and the EFE Agency.


Due to these and other works, also as a cinematographer, Beltrame was invited to be part of the OAB Environment Commission of the Baixada Santista Metropolitan Region, gave lectures at university, participated in several collective and individual exhibitions, such as SP-Arte 2018 and SP-Foto 2020 and published two books, one individual and one with ten other Brazilian photographers.


In the globalized world, the image has gained even more prominence in communication. Powerful photographs are essential to tell stories that humanize and empathize in order to contribute to the mobilization of civil society in favor of socioenvironmental causes.


15ª Mostra Anual de Fotojornalismo (ARFOC, 2021)

PANAS - Urban exhibition on migration in Brazil (OIM Brazil, 2020)

SP-Foto 2020

ArtRio 2020

Tiradentes Festival: audiovisual performance “Inside a suspended time - Prelude” (2020)

Ninja Festival: Brigada Amazônia - Nave Coletiva (Sao Paulo, SP, 2019)

SP-Arte (Sao Paulo, SP, 2018)

Belas Artes Exhibition (São Paulo, SP, 2018)

Desengarrafando Mentes (Sao Sebastiao, SP, 2018)


Talking with Ale Cabral and Arfoc-SP

Desengarrafando Mentes: Brasil com S (Youtube: Achados e Perdidos EP 16 - Felipe Beltrame)

Jornalistas Livres: Projeto Futuro do Presente, Presente do Futuro #36 – Felipe Beltrame: Fogo!

Revista Sobrado: Fotógrafos criam álbum visual de clássico disco de Moraes Moreira

Carcara Photo Art: The Sensitive Register of Horror

G1: Fotógrafo faz registros inéditos da destruição em Brumadinho: "De Chorar"

Jornal Tribuna: Fotógrafo faz registros inéditos da destruição em Brumadinho

Waves: Clique de Saquarema

Casa Vogue: Belas Arte Apresenta Trabalho de Alunos Durante a SP Arte 2018